My blog was destroyed in 2022 by the infiltration of a malicious malware through a script in the database. The little door could have been a plugin. While I have a definite suspicion, I can’t prove it. 10 years of blogging are gone.

What happened?
In 2003 – almost 20 years ago – I started blogging. The euphoria of the democratic internet, of users as authors, was great and inspired me too. At that time I blogged under the name “netzlernen” – learning on the net. Later I moved my blog to the WordPress platform, where I started anew exactly 10 years ago under the name “cyberlearning”. My blog was self-hosted and I had put a lot of time into my articles, as well as into the design and functional development of my blog site. Then, at the beginning of 2022, my domain was blocked by the official authorities ( on the grounds that my site was spreading malware and could damage the computers of site visitors. As a result, I completely deleted all posts, even the entire installation on the web server, including the database, reinstalled everything and restored the backup from autumn 2021. Again I had the same problem: a malware-infested website that could cause the greatest damage.
So I did it all over again: delete the website including the database and set it up again. This time, I didn’t install all the plugins in my WordPress installation, but limited myself to a few recently updated plugins. I also moved to another ISP and reinstalled everything there, because I didn’t want to simply lose 10 years of blogging – 10 years of work! But again I received a message that my site was contaminated and was distributing malicious malware.
I suspect that a malicious script was implanted in my MySQL database, which was then already present in the backup. An unknown person with a suspicious e-mail address appeared in the list of blog users. So someone had hacked into my website and installed a malicious script. So I re-implemented it with each installation.
As a result, I decided to delete my old website and lose all the articles. I am now starting anew here. The new blog, however, is only under construction. Due to the events, my motivation had also suffered. Sometimes, however, a new start is needed, and perhaps new topics will appear on the horizon, even if my main focus will remain digital education and its many facets in the broader sense.