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Examples Coursework by Miriam Fischer


  • Institutional Moodle-Site: Concept and production; moodle.
  • Virtual Classroom, example; concept and authoring; tutoring, moodle
  • Assignment, example: concept and authoring, tutoring, moodle
  • Section, part of virtual classroom; concept, authoring and design, moodle
  • Overview assignments, moodle
  • moodle test module, question type: drag&drop on image
  • Interactive video lesson German language learners A2 »Shopping Clothes«
  • Udemy Course
  • Youtube-Channel with screencast examples


Institutional Moodle-Site

EB Zurich, State School of Adult and Professional Continuing Education, Zurich

Moodle Site EB Zürich Screenshot


Main Page of EB Zurich moodle-site; the sections correspond to the school departments.
Languages, Computer Science and Personal Education, Didactics and Education Management.
Link: http://moodle.eb-zuerich.ch


Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Example


Online-Classroom of the Course «Introdution to E-Portfolio in Education».
Learning activities:

  • Forums with assignment and tutored discussion
  • Journal for documenting and planning of individual learning and next steps
  • Glossary for collecting definitions and document uploads
  • Gallery images from the course, documentation, but also souvenirs


  • PDF-Documents for reading assignments and preparing lessons
  • Images
  • Embedded videos and audio-files
  • Links

Access restricted.




Example of an Assignment in the Course«Introdution to E-Portfolio in Education» above:
Students have to define their own notion of E-Portfolio. They watch a video explaining an e-portfolio and discuss it in a forum. Reflect their own perception of eportfolio.
Moodle forum, embedded video, HTML
Acces restricted

Virtual Classroom, Section Listening Coprehension


Section Listening Comprehension, German as a foreign language, level A1/A2 ESP
moodle, audio-files and assignment in forums in order to enable contributions
Individual learning journal for note taking and planning of the individual approach.

Made for Goethe Institute, Munich, Germany
Access restricted


Assignment Overview



Overview assignments and learning materials 1 week.
moodle, resource: web page, HTML, internal hyperlinks




Moodle, test-module, question type: drag&drop on image
Course German as a foreign language, Vocabulary A1, »Clothing«

Independent Coursework

Interactive video lesson for German language learners,
»Shopping Clothes« level A2 European Language Portfolio / ELP

Udemy-Course »Tests and Quizzes in moodle 3«
Online-Course for teachers working with moodle3;
published recently in german, english version is on it’s way.

Youtube-Channel e-motional learning with examples of video-lessons


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