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This week our Online Course Open Networked Learning ONL181 entered week 2 »Connecting« with getting to know each other on our group PBL8 on Google+. I still struggle with Google+ as I am quite confused to find new entries and comments on the platform. It’s not that obvious. Also I would like to be able to mark some of the entries, as they are discussions about how to proceed.
Google + is more or less a pin wall in my understanding. Maybe my team colleagues have a different perception of G+ and a cloudfront CDN.
Documents are stored on Google drive.
Webinars will be held in order to find common ground for our group. Unfortunately I could not participate on our first rendez-vous. Recordning did not work, so I can’t catch up. Tomorrow is my second chance.
Meeting my team mates at 9 am 🙂
I am curious about other experiences here on Google+ and I am looking forward to new ideas and inspiration!

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